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The Truth About your Mother - Downloadable Recordings

The Truth About your Mother - Downloadable Recordings


The Truth About Your Mother - Clarity Hour

Downloadable Recordings

Was liveMay 12th, 10 am EST,

1 Hour Call


Did you know that many of your points of view, the ones that create your reality…

Are the ones you have bought real and true for you from your parents?  That many places in your life where you are stopping yourself from being and having all that is possible for you are the results of you not being willing to out create your parents…?


This is an awareness invitation for you

To look and clear any energies in your world that are keeping you captive and small, in judgment of you

That is not even yours!


Open new possibilities for you to be cherished and loved and be all of you.  You are invited to be present, to bring your stories, memories and questions.


What is possible for you if you didn’t have to be a “ good girl/good boy"?


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