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Hi, I’m Sara​

♦  Facilitator of Consciousness
♦  Integrative Healer

♦  Experiential Speaker

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I created Wings of Being to celebrate you and your uniqueness.

The name Wings of Being is inspired by the words of an 18th-century sage, "You were born with a pair of wings to soar and share with others." Each of us has an innate talent and unique energetic capacity to contribute and receive in this world.

This space — our private sessions, certification classes, 'The Joy of Life and Living' adventures, and custom jewelry — is an invitation to strengthen your wings so you can soar to an infinite space of possibilities and lightness of being.

Are you ready to soar?

What if everything you
require to create the life you desire is already with you?

I always knew that life was more than what it seemed. When I was 16, as suppressed emotions from my parents' divorce created immense physical pain, I began an intense yoga practice. Shortly after, the pain disappeared, and I became more present in my body and life. 


I realized then that I could change my condition and create my own joyful life.

Over the past 30 years, I have explored, practiced, and taught a variety of modalities. I have worked with thousands of individuals in one-on-one sessions, led healing retreats around the world, and facilitated workshops for Fortune 500 executives.

It brings me great joy to create tailored experiences that empower people to change their state of being, expand their consciousness, and amplify their natural healing energy.


I invite you to join me on this journey and discover the pathways, modalities, and techniques that have led me to a space of joyful, magical living.


♦  Joy

♦  Elegance

♦  Curiosity

♦  Mastery

♦  Empowerment

  • Theta Healing Master and Certificate of Science

  • Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator

  • Healing Martial Arts Black Belt

  • Breath Coach with Yoga Body

  • Flexibility Coach with Yoga Body

  • ​Right Body for You Certified Facilitator

  • Joy of Business Certified Facilitator

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