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Integrative Healer, Innovator, Experiential Speaker,

The Creator of The Soul Signature Wellness & Empowerment training and certification program.

Sara's expertise is creating unique tailor-made experiences that weave together ancient wisdom, energy movement & meditation with the sole purpose of elevating one's consciousness and enhancing their positive energy. She does so by leading the individual - both one-on-one and in group settings - through a deep process of renewal, guiding the student to their own self-mastery - the ultimate achievement in personal growth.

Sara’s work is her soul’s purpose. With a unique passion and commitment to deliver these experiences to people all around the world, Sara guides people who are committed to their evolution in becoming the creator of their lives. 

There is no one wiser than the one who had an experience.

Beginning her professional career nearly 30 years ago by dedicating her life to spreading the wisdom of Kabbalah at a time when it had little exposure to the world, Sara was instrumental in sharing this wisdom with millions of people globally.

Sara has helped mobilize community resources to develop and coordinate many global charitable initiatives. She has personally designed and taught healing retreats In The United States, Europe and Israel. Sara has also created and lead energy tours all around Israel.

In 2011, Sara began expanding her spiritual practice by enhancing her mind-body connection through an East Asian methodology rooted in the Tao philosophy. In 2017, she became a Dahn Master certified by the Body & Brain Institute. To further deepen her body energy connection, she began training in Dahn Mu Do, referred to as “The Healing Martial Art of Enlightenment,” and received her black belt in 2018. 

In 2014, Sara continued her personal process of transformation, studying and practicing the ThetaHealing modality; a technique which uses the theta brain wave to heal the subconscious mind.


In 2019 she was certified with her ThetaHealing Institute Masters, qualifying her to now certify others in this technique. 

Her vision and passion is to help you connect to the wisdom of the divine within you in order to reach the highest levels of your being; body, mind, heart & soul.

"Our minds, bodies and environments are inseparable. By elevating consciousness we change our reality, impacting positively the wellbeing of humanity and the earth."

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