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BE a Contribution in Turbulent Times

BE a Contribution in Turbulent Times


Do you feel empowered or disempowered by world events? 


And everywhere you have bought the point of view that you require to be or have more than you are already to make a difference in our world will you please destroy and uncreate all of it now? 


You are enough. You are MORE than enough. You are Magical and an influencer by being you and you have more power and potency than you were brought up to acknowledge  


Will you acknowledge it for yourself?


You may feel sadness, confusion, shock, and pain.

Or if you have been empowered with tools of consciousness you may ask


How does it get any better than this? 

Truly, we have chosen to live during these times.


What contribution can we BE

To create a different reality? 


I invite you to a space of consciousness 

To introduce you

Empower you

And create with you a new reality

With no wars, no pain no more shock and trauma.


What will it take? 

Will you choose that? 


You are welcome to the Gift Zoom that we created on October 10th, 2023.   You will receive a file to download the recordings.


Thank you for being.

What is truly possible now with consciousness that was not possible before? 

With Gratitude, 


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